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This website was born from a simple goal: to take time every day to find new reasons to delight in Jesus Christ. Worship is born out of delight, and these posts are meant to be sparks that the Holy Spirit may use in His work of fanning our hearts into flame and rekindled love for God.

When I am done, I hope to have provided enough reasons to answer the challenge laid down for us in Scripture:

“What is your beloved more than another beloved, that you thus adjure us?” -Song of Solomon 5:9

In other words, “What’s so special about Jesus? What makes him better than anyone else? Why is He worthy of delighting in?”

I hope that you leave here encouraged by what you have read, and that God will use His Word—and maybe even some of my own weak and feeble words—to cause you to delight in Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and forevermore!

One thought on “About This Site”

  1. Hey! Please, continue this work! Delighting in Christ is the more advanced stage a Christian could get! Because, once you get there, you can endure all things, with joy! To stay in His love, to abide in Him, to delight in Him! Please continue this work!

    The lord Jesus will sustain us in His great grace!

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