Jesus Is Sweeter Than Sweetness

The Law, testimony, precepts, commandment, fear, and rules of the Lord are “sweeter than honey and drippings of the honeycomb.” But what of Him who made sweetness itself, who created the sensation and provided ways for us to taste it? There is something about the taste of something sweet that has both power and joy in it; when Jonathan ate the honey, his eyes became bright and his body and soul were revived. Earthly sweetness, for all its benefits, is corrupt and carries many unfortunate consequences when overindulged in: “It is not good to eat much honey.” But the sweetness that Jesus offers comes with no such warnings. “Come, you who have no money, come buy and eat, and delight yourself in rich food!” The sweetness of Christ is sweeter than the richest fare that His creation can offer. Let us press on to taste the true riches of the heavenly banquet—and save room for dessert!